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Cloud based Input Method

CCIME Cloud Computing Edition lets you input Chinese characters to browser page with our input method without installation.
This input method is operated from web page, no installation is required.

Runtime Requirements

In order to use CCIME Cloud Computing Edition, browser and web page need to match the following criteria:
  • Browsers supporting Bookmarklets, including Firefox 3.0+, Internet Explorer 6.0+, Google Chrome, Safari 4.0+ and Opera 10.0+
  • Web page must be in either BIG5/GB2312/GBK/GB18030/UTF-8 text encoding


We provide 2 usages of the input method. If you only need to input text for one time, or you will copy the text to other programs, refer to Method 1; If you are going to input Chinese in several web pages, use Method 2.

  1. Method 1 (Single Use)

    • Click "Open CCIME" Link
    • Type your text in the textbox below
    • Copy your text to clipboard for later use with the right button of your mouse
  2. Method 2 (Multiple Use)

Interface and Input

When you click the bookmark link, 3 red buttons will be displayed at bottom left corner of the browser window, which is the same as the installed version.

: Show/Hide Menu
: Switch between Chinese/English input (You can also press Shift key to toggle)
: Display help page (This page)
小鍵盤 (Keyboard): Toggle display of on-screen keyboard. You can use the on-screen keyboard to input Chinese characters
繁簡偏好 (Bushou Mode): Toggle between Traditional(繁) and Simplified (簡) Chinese mode of Bushou and frequently used characters
關於 (About): Display program version information

The way to enter Chinese characters is the same as installed version, however remember to close any input methods that are currently opening, or any keystrokes will be handled by input method on the host.

When you enter Chinese Alphabets, the area below input field will show the following:

You can use mouse to select Bushou and candidates, as well as using the number keys on your keyboard.

  • When there are items in Bushou bar, number keys selects Bushou instead of candidates, and candidates can be selected by using Shift key.
  • When Bushou bar is empty, you can select candidates with number keys.
  • First candidate can also be selected by using Space Bar.

Frequently-Asked Questions/Technical Information

Q: What is Bookmarklet?
A: Bookmarkets provide 3rd-party supported extra functions to current web page by bookmark functions in the browser.

Q: When I navigate to a new page, the input method needs to reopen. Are there any methods to keep it open?
A: Please consider to purchase the desktop version of input method. If you don't want to install it to a computer, you can choose the portable version which installs to a USB memory.

Q: Which browsers are tested to use CCIME Cloud Computing edition?
A: Tested browser are listed below. Browser not listed may also be compatible.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0~10.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5.8/3.6/11.0
  • Apple Safari 4.0.4 (Windows and Mac OS X)
  • Google Chrome 4.0/18.0
  • Opera 10.10

Q: Some web page generates text fields dynamically, however input method failed to use on those text fields. What can I do?
A: Just click the bookmarklet twice (First time for closing input method, second time to open again).

Q: How to use input method for forms within a popup window?
A: If you are using either IE or Opera, you can drag the bookmarklet to the popup window as shown in following figure. Other browsers are not supported.

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