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Product Information
Chinese Alphabets Logical Language System
Professional Edition for Microsoft Windows
Input Method Editor (IME) Edition

This is the most powerful and comprehensive edition of CALLS. This edition is for use in Windows.

System requirements:
Intel® Pentium® PII 300 MHz or above personal computer
128MB RAM or more
120MB free hard disk space
12x speed or above CD-ROM
Chinese Microsoft® Windows® NT4/98/98SE/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 or above
Non-Chinese Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 or above with asian language support installed
* x64 system is supported, however some functions are not usable
* In Windows 98/98SE/Me, only system supported character can be entered, and some functions are not unusable

  • Characters: Providing 4 Character Databases (Standard, Traditional, Simplfied and Professional)
  • Phrases: Providing more than 50,000 related phrases
  • Commonly-used Database: Lets you enter commonly-used characters and phrases quickly
  • Trad-Simp Conversion: Lets you enter Traditional Chinese with Simplified alphabets, and vice versa
  • Chi-Eng Translation: Lets you enter English words with Chinese, and vice versa
  • Similar Sound: Mandarin/Cantonese similar sound function lets you find characters with similar pronounciation
  • Preposition: Lets you find phrases with their last charater
  • Fuzzly Search: Lets you find characters with parts of alphabets
  • Speech: Mandarin and Cantonese speech function speaks the characters you entered
  • Character Info: Lookup Chineae Alphabets, pronounciations, variants and dictionary bushou and stroke counts with ease
  • Reverse Lookup: Reverse Lookup Function let you get information for characters on any application (Only support 32 bit application on x64 platform)
  • Custom Phrase: Let you put your own phrases to database for selection

Current Version and Release Date:
Current version of this product is 2.31, released on 7/2011.

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