• Chinese characters are easy to learn provided you know how.
    The Chinese Alphabet Teaching System makes it easy for you to learn and remember Chinese characters, and to write them.
    Now you no longer have to be an outsider, just typing pinyin and choosing characters hoping they are the right ones, and spend hours trying to write Chinese characters hoping you have got them correct.
    With the Chinese Alphabet system life is easy.

    The essence of the Chinese Alphabet Teaching System is simply SHARE
    See the fine-grains of each character;
    Hear the structure;
    Amalgamate the pen and computer, eyes, voice and hands;
    Reduce the fear and memory burden for learning Chinese; and
    Enjoy your learning by doing more on your own with confidence, interest, and the ability for self-learning and correction.

    When you learn the Chinese Alphabet Teaching System you will be able to spell out every Han Character, whether Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese. You will learn to read and hear the structure of each character, learn the difference between different characters, and how to write them. You can use your fingers and hands to provide visual images of each character.
    Instead of the tiresome hours of writing to remember how to write new characters, you can type with the Chinese Alphabet Teaching System computer input method the same way you write, and thus gain confidence in writing.
  • Step 1: learn each Chinese Alphabet
  • Step 2: learn the alphabet exercise
  • Step 3: type out the Chinese alphabets to generate the Characters
  • Step 4: When you know how the character is formed, write the character with a pen.

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